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Think outside the box!

BoX -containment- is a special combination of puzzle and arcade game.

The aim is to liberate a small box named Boredox out of a mysterious prison. Resolve head-scratching puzzles, overcome traps and sneak past the heartless opponents.

The gameplay is inspired by kwirk and the world`s hardest game that some of you might know. So be warned: This game is hard! Your mind and skill are needed to beat it. Are you ready for this challenge?

lovely package - evil inside

◇ Over 100 very difficult stages

Riddles that will melt your brain

Heartless enemys on speed

Different, playable boxes

35 unlockable achievements (ingame)

Music by Chris Zabriskie, Decktonic and Tardiss

Controller Support

Also playable with conventional usb-gamepads!

Move BoX: Analog Stick
Move Object:
Cancel: (B)-Button
Game Menu: right bumper
Reset Stage: left bumper

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Download demo

BoX -containment- Demo 1.2 (Windows) 31 MB

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